Mobile Poker

The general public has begun to enjoy this past time in droves over the last few years with the introduction of online poker. Once held as a sacred Friday night ritual by poker rounder's from around the globe, now poker can be played not only in the local speakeasy but in the comfort of your own home via the internet. Now with the introduction of wireless poker rooms this takes America's favorite pastime to a whole new level.

Mobile phones and PDA's have cleared the path for wireless gambling technology and although still in its infancy it may prove to be enormous. Travelers heading out by train in the morning for a 2 hour ride to work may find that ride more enjoyable by indulging in a wireless poker game or placing a few wireless sports bets on their favorite teams.

Whatever the future holds for mobile gambling some of our poker and sports betting partners have put this technology to use and offer mobile sports betting and wireless poker to their already growing membership.