Start Playing Poker for Android Like a Pro

It is indeed every online poker player's dream to become a professional one day, that is to make a living doing the thing they love: playing poker. Of course, it is mathematically impossible for everyone to attain that dream. Only the most dedicated persevere, but there's a lot more to the recipe of the successful poker professional than that. Besides dedication, there's willingness to take major risks and a whole bunch of abilities which allow the player to reach a high level of what specialists call "poker thought".

Everything tossed into the middle though, perseverance is probably the most important factor, and what that translates to is hours upon hours of grinding. While some players can afford to set up grinding stations and sit at home playing poker all day, others are on the move. Poker for android has now made it possible for such players to be able to grind away with the best of them.

How does one set about playing poker for android like a pro though? It's definitely not easy, because mobile online poker isn't like iPhone blackjack, in the sense that it isn't as easy to implement on mobile devices. Massive MTTs (and that's where there's a lot of value for many professional players) haven't yet been properly set up for mobile devices, so players eager to play poker for android may be unpleasantly surprised when they access and install the apps of some of the world's biggest online poker rooms: the game selection available for the mobile devices is nowhere near the game selection available at the actual site.

An example in this respect would be the massive freerolls that some of these sites run and which make excellent bankroll-builders for beginners. These tournaments cannot be accessed on mobile devices, at least for the time being, and that is a major setback indeed. There are of course other major tournaments that cannot currently be accessed either.

With all that in mind, we can safely conclude that bankroll-building is best done from a laptop or desktop computer, which can access the whole array of freerolls on offer, and which allows the player to take full advantage of the various promotions run by the operators. Once one has a good bankroll set up, he/she can move onto mobile and grind his/her way to the top. Another relative drawback when it comes to professional-level grinding is obviously linked to multi-tabling. Multi-tabling is a sensitive issue for most would-be grinders because that's the one aspect of the game they absolutely have to master in order to achieve their goals. Those playing poker for android though won't be able to take advantage of multi-tabling and that pretty much defeats the whole purpose of carrying one's poker tables along everywhere in order to put in as many hands per hour as humanly possible, while staying connected to regular activities.

The sort of poker iPad devices can handle simply doesn't make a good playing field for grinding. Some android devices have such small screens (compared to the massive monitors of professional grinding stations) that one should be happy to be able to play a single table on them, and while that may seem appealing for recreational players nonetheless, for professional grinders, it just doesn't cut it.

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