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Online Slot Review

Slots continue to top the casino charts - delivering instant entertainment and the chance win jackpots literally worth millions of dollars. However - can slots deliver long-term profits, what are the latest gaming developments and what's the best way to check out the latest slot gaming releases?

Choosing profitable slot machines

Slots are a game of luck - the machines payout in the 95-98.5% zone, giving the casino a small edge over us gamers! In theory, unless you strike a significant jackpot, you're likely to lose money in the long-term (although with 98% payouts a small bankroll will last a long time). The question many savvy web gamers are asking, is 'are there any methods to increases my chances of slot payouts'?

The answer is potentially yes (although there is no guarantee with a game of luck). One proven slot strategy is to set a realist slot profit and loss limit for each gaming session (based on your bankroll, session time and wager value). The moment your reach your profit target, you must quit the session. Similarly - quit if you're having a bad session and you go over your loss limit (do not chase losses with bigger and bigger stakes!).

Many gamers suggest that playing slot machines with 'medium sized' payouts can work best with this strategy. Machines with frequent low payouts can make it difficult to reach your profit target, while mega jackpot machines can pay mega money - but may deliver small wins too infrequently to regularly make the target profit! Of course, the majority of slot gamers play for fun and exhilaration - in which case you can select whichever type of slot machine takes your fancy!

Slot innovations boost the fun

The latest video slots have become like a hybrid of traditional machines and console games - delivering stunning graphics and movie storylines like Tombraider. Essentially, slots have simply become another leisure pursuit where people are happy to game with a small weekly budget without great expectations of success (but always with a small chance of becoming rich with one spin and a bit of lady luck!). The exhilaration of slot gaming has been taken to new levels with the conception of online slot contests - where gamers can challenge their mates or join hundreds of other gamers in real-time slot battles on the hottest video slot interfaces available.

Slot gaming for free

Thanks to the web's leading casinos all wanting new gamers - they're willing to let you try out the latest slot and casino games risk-free, with no obligations and without spending a penny of your own money! Free bonus gaming can be obtained by simply downloading a reputable online casino software and clicking the bonus icon when you launch the casino. Bonus sessions are the ideal way to check out a casino's slot gaming credentials, and even build a casino bank worth hundreds