Probability Gaming Looks To US For Mobile Poker Potential

Mobile gambling giant Probability reports strong trading across all sectors of its business in its Q3 including comments on the huge growth potential for future US Markets. Probability has never allowed wagers from US players in any sector of its business model and has always kept a clean reputation for responsible regulation. Without any hitches in the US E-gaming market the opportunity within the United States is endless once the flood gates are open.

Probability has already had early discussions with several US parties to explore potential options in the future. With the new developments in the US, Probabilities CEO Charles Cohen believes it is a matter of time before the Department of Justice gives individual states the ability to determine their own regulations within their own borders. This is a perfect scenario for the mobile gambling industry as the mobile platform is the only one where the location of the user can be confirmed with any certainty.

With over 110,000,000 Americans using apps on their smart phones that are capable of running Probability games it opens a tremendous amount of opportunity. !