Poker, Mobile and 3 Advices for New Players

These days, the majority of poker players who own a laptop also have a smartphone and/or tablet too. And this means that more players are entering the poker mobile online world than ever before. Assuming you're one of the players who's just starting out, or you're thinking of getting into mobile poker, it's always nice to know as much as possible before hitting the real money tables. That said, let's discuss some important advice for new mobile players.

1. Spend Serious Time scouting out Mobile Sites

It's always tempting to google the term 'mobile poker' and just sign up and deposit at the first site you see. After all, who wants to peruse through a bunch of reviews and opinions when they get the urge to play poker!? There probably aren't a whole lot of people who want to spend time checking out reviews, however, it's definitely a good idea to do so.

The main reasons why is because you want to see how their bonuses, promotions and customer service measure up to the rest of the industry. Of course, you also want to make sure that the poker site is compatible with your specific mobile device. For instance, if you want to play poker for Android, reviews will tell you whether or not a certain room takes Android players.

2. Get a Great Bonus

Most mobile poker sites will offer some kind of signup bonus to attract players. And there are a variety of different bonuses available, no matter if you play poker for Android, iPhone or an iPad. For example, one room could offer a 100% up to $400 mobile signup bonus while another site features a 200% up to $500 reward. At first glance, the second deal certainly seems better. However, it's imperative that you read the terms and conditions behind each bonus since requirements play a big factor as well.

For example, let's say that you deposit $600 to take full advantage of a 100% up to $600 signup reward. 15 VIP points are required to unlock every $1 of the bonus, and it takes $1 in rake to earn one VIP point. Now, let's assume that you sign up and deposit $400 at another site to get a 100% up to $400 bonus. 10 VIP points are required to unlock every $1 of the bonus, and $1 in rake gets you one VIP point. The $400 in bonus money is obviously smaller than the first offer, however, you'll be earning the bonus at a much faster rate. And since most poker for Android bonuses have expiration dates, this is a very important factor.

3. Study Poker Strategy...and then study Some More

Sure, we know that it's not exactly original advice to say you should look over plenty of strategy. But this point can never be stressed enough because the more poker tips you know, the more opportunity you'll have to win profits.

It's worth noting that the game has gotten much tougher over the last 7-8 years. The reason why is because strategy is far more available to the average player. But this also works in your favor too since you don't have to look hard to find good articles, books, training videos and coaches. As for articles and videos, you can find a lot of this information for free. So anybody who's thinking of playing poker for Android or other mobile devices should definitely take advantage of the resources available to them.

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