Poker, iPhone and Apps

As the number of mobile online casino - and online poker players slowly but surely exceeds those of PC-based players, online gaming companies would do better to focus more and more on their mobile apps, and that is indeed a market trend that we are currently seeing unfold. All the top online poker and online casino brands are busy churning out ever better and more attractive apps in order to keep up with the requirements of the market, yet for some reason, mobile online gambling and online poker have still not yet caught up with traditional PC-based online gaming. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the game selection of large online poker companies like PokerStars. While PokerStars have made a large number of real money games available to their mobile customers, there are still quite a few interesting games available in the traditional online interface that cannot be accessed through a mobile device. PokerStars are obviously not an exception in this respect. The poker iPhone experience offered by most online poker companies is second-rate at best.

While PokerStars have not been allowed back into the US market via New Jersey, and the way things currently are, they're not going to be allowed back for a few years to come, other companies such as PartyPoker are already busy battling over market share in the Garden State. The reason I brought up PartyPoker is that they seem to be in the best position to become once again the dominant force of the US online poker market, and that is obviously also due to the fact that PokerStars aren't yet able to compete. Betting mobile is obviously more popular now than ever before and PartyPoker have already launched a mobile app destined for the US market in New Jersey.

PartyPoker have had a competitive poker iPhone app for quite a while now, and they have had the android share of the market covered as well, so their recently launched New Jersey mobile app is probably just an adaptation of their already existing software. There are currently four options available, as in four game modes, or better said, there are advertised to be four options available: preview mode, play money mode, fast-forward poker and real money poker. Of these, the play money mode is not currently functional, so those who use the app are pretty much forced to play real money.

That said, the poker iPhone experience delivered by PartyPoker is quite outstanding. The graphics are crisp, clear and attractive, the gameplay is fast, engaging and satisfactory from pretty much every angle. The game selection however is nowhere near what the main site offers: poker iPhone players can choose from normal mode games up to $25/$30, and $5/$10 fast forward games. Obviously, those looking for the poker iPad experience will be able to use the same app. With the bigger screen size, the simple yet attractive graphics are bound to become even more eye-catching, and the overall play experience is certain to improve as well.

By 2017, the mobile online gambling market is forecast to be worth around $100 billion, certainly not something that the top online poker and online gambling companies can ignore anymore. With that in mind, it is safe to expect that the android and iPhone online gambling apps of the future will put the current lot to shame without problems.

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