Poker, iPad and Mobile Betting

Unlike blackjack and some other online casino games, online poker doesn't lend itself particularly well to the mobile platform. There are all sorts of technical difficulties in properly implementing the massively multiplayer game format of online poker, and indeed some areas of this implementation process are still uncovered. The kind of poker iPad devices can handle is a sort of a simpler form of the game. Most of the biggest online poker rooms only offer cash games and SNGs through their mobile apps. Multi-table tournament action is largely uncovered, although some of the frontrunners of the industry (like PokerStars) have successfully covered this area as well. It is also part of the whole picture however that only at PokerStars will one be able to engage in multi-table tournaments through a mobile phone or an iPad at the moment.

The poker iPad devices will run also allows for fast folding action. Indeed players at PokerStars can play their Zoom Poker, and even at PartyPoker there are fast folding games available for mobile clients.

With all the above in mind it is safe to say that the poker iPhone devices can handle is still a bit simpler, more rudimentary even, than the games available through the regular online interfaces of the various poker rooms.

Unlike the poker iPad devices can run, online betting is much easier implemented in mobile apps. After all, betting on the various games isn't an inherently multiplayer activity, and there aren't any sort of fancy graphics involved either. As a matter of fact, online betting exchanges were much faster to have their offers transferred to the mobile sphere through various apps, than online poker rooms, which - hindered by the technical challenges posed by the poker iPad devices will run - took much longer to come up with viable solutions.

The mobile online casino industry was relatively quick to jump on the mobile bandwagon too and the reason is a simple one: most of the casino games are indeed a lot easier to port to mobile apps than the online poker games. Although nowadays a certain social aspect is expected of online casino gambling, this social aspect is by no means essential for the proper functioning of the games, it is merely a secondary layer placed upon the primary one which consists of the actual games. Online casino gambling has therefore taken massive leaps in the mobile market, enjoying the benefits of a healthy head start, as well as those conferred by a much less intricate way for players to interact with the games.

While for online poker players, mobile poker is still something of an additional perk, or a sideshow attraction in comparison with the actual games offered by the PC-based clients, for a sports bettor for instance, a phone can effectively double as a bookmaker's office, which keeps the bettor plugged into the various handicapping trends, the line movements and just about everything else essential for being able to properly handicap and reverse handicap the matchups, not to mention the possibility to place the actual bets on the go as well.

The bottom line: even though there is still a bit of a divide between the game selections and the options offered by mobile poker apps and actual PC-based clients, the narrowing down and the eventual disappearance of that divide is inevitable: only a question of time.

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