Most Common Types of Poker for Android

If you've grown accustomed to online poker in recent years, then you've probably noticed a large influx of different game variations. The days of players only being able to play Texas Hold'em over the internet are long gone. What's nice is that we can also say the same thing about mobile poker, which offers more types of poker games than ever before. This is especially the case for the Android since these devices are one of the two most common among poker players. That said, let's rank the typical games that you'll find with regard to poker for Android.

1. Texas Hold'em

Okay, no surprise here because, as we mentioned in the introduction, Texas Hold'em has been a mainstay of the online poker world for years. And when most poker apps became available, Hold'em was the only thing that people could play. Of course, now that the mobile market has expanded, players have moved on to other variations. But you can always expect a large number of beginners and intermediate players to be filling up the wireless Hold'em tables.

2. Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo

Two more types of commonly played poker for Android devices include Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo. We lumped these two together because Omaha Hi/Lo's only major rule difference is that the highest and lowest hand split the pot. Many people start out with Omaha and learn the rules and basics for having four hole cards, instead of two like in Hold'em. Once these players master Omaha, they usually transition to the more-hyped Hi/Lo games. Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo is very popular among high stakes players, with some online/mobile pros having made millions through this variation.

3. Seven Card Stud

You can expect a fair number of apps that'll offer Hold'em, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo poker for Android. A smaller, but still notable amount of mobile poker rooms feature Seven Card Stud in their selection. Those who know their poker history may remember that this was the world's most popular variation until the early 2000s. But this was about the time when Texas Hold'em started taking off and dominating the poker scene. However, you'll still find Seven Card Stud the third most at mobile rooms.

4. Draw Games (2-7 Single, 2-7 Triple)

Only a handful of mobile rooms offer draw poker for Android devices. Nevertheless, you can still find 2-7 Single Draw and 2-7 Triple Draw cash tables and tournaments through places like Carbon Poker and PokerStars. Just know that it can sometimes be difficult to find full cash game tables, and you may be waiting a while for a tournament to fill up.

5. The Rest (8-Game, 10-Game, Badugi, HORSE, Razz)

We lump all of these variations into "The Rest" because they're very uncommon in online poker, let alone the mobile world. These games are normally only played by pros or old-timers who've tried all of the variations in their lifetime. Every now and then, Badugi and Razz get popular in the high stakes world, with guys like Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius doing battle in these variations. And when this happens, you'll see a trickle-down effect, where some of the lower stakes guys/gals emulate the famed pros. If you're looking to join this trend, you'll want to head to PokerStars since there's actually action in these more-obscure games. Carbon also offers them, but the tables are sometimes barren.

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