4 Android Poker Etiquette Tips

When people think about poker etiquette, they're almost always focused on the live version. Most of the time, this involves simple things like being courteous to the dealer, not criticizing other players for bad play, and not discussing hands that you're out of.

But there are also etiquette rules that you should consider when you're playing through an Android phone or tablet too. Sure, it may not seem like you need to be on your best behavior when playing a poker Android app. But if you want to avoid tilting opponents for no reason and making them hate you, it's definitely preferable to use good manners. That said, here are four important etiquette tips for poker Android players.

Tip #1: Make Moves at a Reasonable Speed

Nobody likes a slow roller, especially when they're using the whole clock every time. This slows the game down and makes players bored from waiting. So it's definitely nice if you can make your decisions in a reasonable amount of time. For example, if you've got 3-7 off suit in early position, there's little reason to spend 30 seconds deciding whether or not you want to fold this hand. Another thing is to make sure that you're paying attention during games on a poker Android app. So many players try to do other things that draw their attention away from the game, and this leads to the unnecessarily slow play that we discussed before.

Tip #2: Avoid ripping Opponents for Bad Play

It's always frustrating when a noob hits a runner-runner flush to beat your flopped straight. But nobody benefits when you bash these players for making a bad play and still beating you. For starters, you could be driving a fish away from the game who's later going to donate money to the current table and/or the game in general.

Another reason why you don't berate novices is because it's just plain mean. Anybody who does this on Android poker sites has to ask themselves one question: how would I have felt if somebody ripped me for every mistake that I made in the beginning?

Tip #3: Keep the Chat Box Clean

While playing a poker Android app may not give you the same social experience as visiting a live poker room, you can at least interact with other players in some manner. The chat box gives you a nice opportunity to make a few comments to your opponents and maybe get a conversation going. However, you should never abuse the chat privilege by using profanity or making fun of people for bad plays. Keep in mind that it's a lot easier to avoid all of this if you're sober and/or halfways mature.

Tip #4: Don't talk about your Cards during a Hand

It's always annoying when you fold a hand that would've turned out to be a guaranteed winner. For example, if you fold K-T preflop and the flop comes out K-T-T, you just missed out on a full house. But the wrong time to express your frustration is while the hand is still going on. The main reason why is because it can affect the action by giving information away to those still playing. Assuming you can't contain yourself, at least wait until the hand is completely over before discussing it. By following all of the poker Android etiquette rules that we've discussed, you'll be a lot more respected by other players and possibly even make some mobile friends.

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