Everything You Need to Know About Poker for Android

Mobile phones and other android-based mobile devices have become pocket entertainment centers lately. They can handle all sorts of multimedia just fine, and when it comes to online gaming, they're right on top of their games too. One of the most popular online games that people, who love the suspense created by real money gambling action, love, is poker for android. What is there to know about poker for android though? Complete laymen need to understand that there are several types of poker games available for android-based mobile devices.

The poker android experience can indeed be rather diverse depending on what sort of games one likes, decides to download and eventually plays. There are countless adaptations of video poker, based on the popular five card draw poker variant.

Some of these games are play money ones, especially created by fans and available for free or for a small fee in the various app shops out there. Such games are also offered by online casino operators, as part of their mobile online casino packages.

These games can be played for play money as well, but the essence of online video poker action revolves around real money and potential profits. These online casino apps come complete with roulette, video poker, blackjack and several other casino games, and indeed, some of these games are wonderfully implemented. The blackjack android experience for instance is second to none.

Of course the problem with video poker is that no serious poker player actually considers this game an actual poker genre. While there is a sort of optimal strategy component to it, at its core, the game is a luck-based one which is set to favor the casino.

When it comes to real poker for android, app shops, standalone games and online casinos are not the way to go. Each and every one of the noteworthy online poker operators has long released its poker for android app. In fact, these applications have since gone through several update-iterations meant to improve their usability and the overall play experience they offer.

When it comes to installing such an android poker app, all one really has to do is to make his way to the online poker operator's website and to hit the download button. If the said player actually already has an account at the site in question, he or she will be able to use his/her already existing password/username combination in order to log into the online poker app. While game selection is usually poorer in the poker for android applications than at the actual site, the overall gaming experience is at least as fulfilling.

When it comes to playing online poker through a mobile device, everyone is obviously looking for the best available experience, and that is where little bit of extra know-how comes into the picture.

Mobile poker experts generally agree that the best android poker application currently available out there belongs to 888poker. PokerStars are said to be a close second with their award-winning android application while PartyPoker are ranked third. These industry frontrunners are followed by a jumble of smaller online poker operations, which have also put out some extremely competitive android poker apps. As far as the US online poker scene is concerned, mobile app-wise PartyPoker are the currently uncontested leaders.

Poker for Android