Cell Phone Gambling vs. The Internet

In the last 5 years online casino gambling has eclipsed land based casino action. Now with the addition of gambling on your cell phone, this new technology offers what online casino's can't., the ability to place wagers or gamble anywhere anytime. It is speculated that mobile gambling has reached a profitable 200 million and is expected to increase its revenues quickly with the United States becoming interested in this new method of gaming. Until this point American gamblers have been content to access online gaming thought the internet while many Europeans and Asians have already begun playing poker, casino games or mobile betting on their cell phones.

Mobile betting is said to be the next billion dollar industry and when its progression increases among US players it is expected to grow to a whopping 3 billion by end of 2009 just from this market alone.

The Japanese have been accessing online casinos through their cell phones for quite some time but it is said that other countries where people have access to cell phones more so then internet connections are only just beginning to be introduced to the mobile gaming industry.

Several of the larger players in internet gambling have begun to introduce mobile platforms to their existing software. A couple of the publicly traded companies have already integrated several languages into their mobile download to accommodate the global potential.