Advantages of Playing iPad Poker

The iPad is without a doubt one of the most popular and most useful mobile devices out there for one simple reason: its size does away with most of the disadvantages of mobile devices like smart-phones and it offers an almost better than PC experience while retaining mobility. Indeed, playing poker on an iPad is a world away from poker on any smart-phone, no matter how big its screen may be.

The iPad is a lot like a laptop, except it isn’t really one, and therefore it may draw some setbacks when it comes to playing real money online poker.

The truth is however that one can play poker iPad can handle other ways too. There are downloadable apps, which are essentially standalone games that one will play against the AI and which have nothing to do with other human players. Such apps can be video poker ones, which have the player go up against the machine in a casino-sort-of-way or Texas Holdem ones, which are essentially about playing good old Holdem or foldem against the machine and not against human opponents. Due to its screen size and its graphical capabilities, the iPad obviously does a great job at running such games and it offers players an experience second to none.

Most people looking for poker iPad can handle are in fact looking for real money online games against human players, and that’s OK: most of the bigger online poker rooms have mobile support and it almost goes without saying that the iPad is among the most widely-supported mobile devices. Those looking for poker for android won’t be let down either, because like the iPad and the iPhone, android-based devices are wildly popular as well and thusly poker for android is among the prime targets for online casinos and poker rooms too.

The problem for people looking to play online poker iPad can handle is in the fact that the game selection for these apps is quite a bit more limited than the game selection in the full client. Indeed, people playing poker on their iPads will find that they won’t be able to access some of the most interesting games, even if they register an account with the world’s largest online poker operation.

Freerolls are indeed among the most popular games among recreational players, and let’s face the music: at the moment, recreational players are the ones mostly drawn to mobile poker, because of the fact that serious grinding through a mobile device is quite impossible for the time being. These freerolls, some of which do in fact make excellent bankroll-builders, simply cannot be accessed through android devices, iPhones or iPads.

That drawback put aside though, the advantages of the iPad are obvious when compared to other mobile devices. iPad poker games offer good visibility, and unlike the users of other mobile devices – which limit multi-tabling to 4 tables – iPad users can play at as many as 5 tables. Now that one additional table may not mean much to a layman, but for a grinder it does indeed mean the difference between a smaller and a larger hourly rate.

The bottom line: poker iPad can handle is a very playable, very up-to-date game, which even allows multi-tabling, yet sports limitations that are still painfully obvious in this day and age.

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